Technology in Shaping Customer Relation Management


Technology and CRM is the greatest invention of the 21st century. With the evolution of digital technologies, customers have raised their standards of excellence and in turn helps businesses to become more dynamic. There’s a lot of excitement about new technologies such as virtual reality, cloud computing, big data, live video connectivity and ‘intelligent’ chatbots that are redefining the way businesses connect with their customers.
In this webinar we will discuss on these developments and trends which will help you to communicate and engage in innovative ways with your customers.

Key Topics

The new wave of RPA adoption with Text & Voice analytics merged with Intelligent tools.

Opportunities for BPM players as we move towards accelerated RPA adoption and hyper automation.

Essential Data Science Tools & Techniques - Understanding data to gather information about customer behavior.

Ensuring that the cognitive technology can manage hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Enabling the AI driven the technology can make decision on its own regarding client.

Support and systems maintenance

Integrating AI into services to be able to give customized solutions to multiple client’s and providers

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