Role of Technologies in Talent Acquisition


COVID-19 has brought world to a halt and expedited adoption of digital transformation as organizations started scrambling to setup remote working and hiring, for which some were prepared and others not.

HR, talent acquisition and onboarding teams faced with the renewed challenges of virtual hiring where digital capabilities for hiring went from good to have to must have.

The webinar would throw a spotlight on how the post COVID recruitment landscape look like with changes like remote working, shift in recruitment patterns, new hiring needs and tighter budgets and how digital transformation in recruitment will look like.

Key Topics

Learn how recruitment technology is shaping the hiring landscape

Understand multiple tools making the life of a recruiter easier

Determine the return on investment in recruitment technologies

Assess your recruitment practices and know what technologies suits your needs the best

Evaluate digital transformation needed in your current hiring practices for a post COVID world

Upskill yourself to better leverage the recruitment technologies

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