Innovations and Advanced Practices in Surgery


There has been a rapid change in surgical approaches to various conditions that have been traditionally treated with conventional surgery. The techniques and applications of in various areas of Surgery and related disciplines are changing fast, as is our understanding of how best to progress in merging our expertise with allied fields to produce optimal results for our patients. Much of the scientific data to be presented will provide us with guidance in our future surgical decision-making

The aim of this webinar is to bring together healthcare practitioners from diverse backgrounds to focus on different areas of surgery and revolutionary surgical techniques. There will be sessions specifically dedicated to relevant fields in surgery. Expert faculties will discuss the relevant advances in surgery research and will explore the novel trends to reduce the effects of surgery risk factors.

Key Topics

New Technologies (Robotic Surgery)

Latest techniques in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Updates in Upper GI Surgery

Updates Lower GI Surgery

Featured speakers

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