Healthcare Resilience: Remote Healthcare post COVID


COVID19 crisis has expedited technology adoption and the severity of virus has pushed healthcare organizations, regulators, and governments to innovate to offer healthcare services without risking exposure to the virus.

Remote Healthcare is believed to be a viable solution in the current situation to offload the weight of non-urgent but important cases from the hospital to be handled remotely. The crisis has subjected healthcare system to unprecedented pressure and healthcare industry response in the form of tele medicine may extend post pandemic.

The webinar aims to throw spotlight the challenges and opportunities in front of healthcare industry in bringing efficiencies and improvising access to un

To ease burdens on the health system, reduce inefficiencies and improve quality of patient care, innovative methods of delivering effective healthcare must be developed.

Key Topics

Measures to be put in place to adopt a long-term sustainable strategy

Challenges and scope of improvements for better scalability of remote healthcare

Key learnings from the practitioners

Privacy, Cyber Security, Information Security, data sharing and interoperability issues

Cyber Security challenges and approach to safeguard data and sensitive information

Upskilling which is required by the non-clinical staff to play with data to deliver better care

Issues of law and governance related to remote healthcare

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