Cyber Resilience in Post COVID World


During COVID 19, one thing which has spread as fast as virus are the cyber-attacks on organizations and individuals. As the IT leaders were busy responding to the overnight tech requirements which cropped up due to the sudden immobility of the workforce.

The unprecedented challenge of keeping the operations smooth became a priority in the chaos, which saw a sudden change in business operations, customer support system and other standard operating procedures needing to rely on virtual connections.
With bulk of people working from home, very few companies were ready with the WFH environment and other robust practices which left them vulnerable for cyber-attacks.

The webinar would throw a spotlight on how businesses should adapt to increased vulnerabilities in their cyber space with the changes in business practices, which may continue post pandemic.

Key Topics

How to continue being agile as far as cyber resilience is concerned

Find how to allocate resources for cyber resilience while focussing on other critical issues

Learn to adapt and update your business practices for enhanced cyber security

Revise your risk assessment and put in place a robust BCP

Develop Security culture across the board and avoid any shortcuts

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